Penny Comes Home

Yesterday afternoon we got to do something we had been looking forward to as fervently as anything else we could remember in our adult lives – we got to bring our dog Penny home from the pet hospital. The poor thing has been diagnosed with GME, which is a horrible little disease that basically makes her immune system attack her brain.

I’ll write more about GME this week or next, but for today I just wanted to share the photos I was able to get of Penny’s arrival at home yesterday.

Penny remembered the kitchen, and was excited to be home!
Then she remembered her favorite sock-hiding place, and went to check on her hoard.
She was also very excited about going outside with Michelle.
Then she spent the rest of the evening like this. She doesn’t have much stamina yet…

So that’s the good news – Penny remembered our house and our cats, and genuinely seemed happy to be home. The bad news – she didn’t keep down her dinner, which is not good.

But all in all, yesterday was fantastic. Penny has her personality back, albeit with limited energy to be crazy, and we finally have her back. We’d appreciate continued prayer support for Penny and for us. Lord willing, we’ll get our little girl healthy again!



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