Baseball Quotes – Justice

“Baseball provides escape. Furthermore, there is no other place in our society that I know of in which the perimeter of play and the rules are clearly defined and known to everyone – in which justice is absolutely equal and sure. Three strikes, you’re out. I don’t care if you hire Edward Bennett Williams to defend you; three strikes, you’re still out. Baseball is an island of stability in an unstable world.” – Bill Veeck

“You can’t sit on a lead and run a few plays into the line and just kill the clock. You’ve got to throw the ball over the damn plate and give the other man his chance. That’s why baseball is the greatest game of them all.” – Earl Weaver

Amen, and amen.

Listen, I love football. I’m not so into basketball, hockey, or soccer… But in all four of those sports, you almost inevitably see the end of a game or match come down to one team with the lead trying to slow the game down and run out the clock. They’re not really trying to win the game anymore; they’re basically just playing keep-away.

You can’t play keep-away in baseball, and that’s one more reason I love it.



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