Question: Favorite Lesser-Known Song

Yesterday Robin Gibb died. Maybe it’s just a generation thing, but I feel like most people my age remember the Bee Gees as “that band that was really popular in the 70s with the whole Saturday Night Fever thing.” They’re sort of a retro-throw-back-nostalgia-hipster-icon-thing for most of us.

Which is why I was really surprised to learn that one of the Bee Gees’ first huge hits way back in 1968 was the ballad I Started a Joke. I only knew the song from the movie Zoolander, where it was covered by the Wallflowers. I literally went an entire decade thinking it was a Wallflowers original, until I found this video. It was kind of a watershed moment for me, as it really opened my eyes to the length and depth of the Bee Gees’ career, and it very quickly became a favorite for me.

So here’s to Robin Gibb. Enjoy!

What’s your favorite lesser-known song from an artist?


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