The Last Two Weeks of My Life…

So, yeah… I haven’t been super-present on the blog for the last couple of weeks (not to mention the several months before that…). Here’s where the last two weeks of my life has gone.

One wall primed. One wall still that awful yellow/orange.

Pastor Larry showed me some painting tips, and it made me hate painting a lot less…
Sarah helped out, too, which was awesome.
Brooks spent 4 hours on stilts helping me do this. Putting that painter’s tape up was the longest day and a half of my life…
…but it was worth it, because now that wall looks amazing.
The cityscape wall looks amazing, too, thanks to Lori, Maddi, and Ashley.
The cafe area also looks sweet thanks to Lori, Taylor, Kate, and Jay.
Good News Cafe – Done.
Cityscape and Park area – Done.
Brick Wall – Done, except for the theater marquee and hot dog cart.

This was a seriously huge project for us. Huge thanks to everyone who helped out – Charlotte , Abbie, Shaun, Cyprian, Mark, Lori, Jack, Larry, Michelle, Taylor, Maddi, Jay, Michael, Kate, Sam, Amy, Chris, Brooks, Sarah, Veronica, Mike, Ashley, Reggie, and anyone else I may have forgotten. We seriously would not have been able to do this without your help!



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