Why I’m Leaving WordPress

Just so we’re clear, this picture is sarcastic.

So, I’m leaving WordPress…

I started almost two full years ago here at joerob577.wordpress.com with no real intent. I didn’t have a purpose or a vision or a theme or a niche or anything else that tends to drive a good blog. Sometimes I tried to be funny, sometimes I tried to be inspiring, sometimes I commented on culture…

Then I got a little bit serious about blogging. I got connected with some great bloggers, started working on the look and feel of the blog, bought a domain name and had this blog redirected there. I sort of found a little bit of a niche writing about pop culture, faith, social commentary, and humor. Things were going well.

Then I got a little bit more serious about blogging. I purchased a premium theme and some server space, and switched my free WordPress.com blog over to a self-hosted WordPress.org blog. I set up FeedBurner feeds, Google Analytics stat tracking, and spent hours poring over third party plug-ins, add-ons, etc. I started pouring more into developing relationships with other bloggers, writing guest posts, building my platform, posting 4-6 times each week consistently, and basically doing all the other things you’re supposed to do in order to build a successful blog.

And somewhere along the line I think I just sort of lost interest in it. Somehow I lost track of what was fun and exciting about blogging, and it became more of a chore to try to churn out posts all the time. When that happened, I sort of just stopped altogether. Literally weeks and months have gone between posts for the last 6-8 months, probably. Honestly, I haven’t even kept up with how poorly I’ve been keeping up with things.

The reality is that my initial flurry of blog activity and interactions led me down a path that I’m not sure was ever sustainable for me long-term. I ended up spending more time writing about life and culture than experiencing it for myself. I pushed myself to post frequently enough that I often ended up putting out weak stuff. Then I felt bad for putting out bad material and ended up even more discouraged.

Now, I know you’re an intelligent reader, so you’re probably thinking, “Okay, so why not just push reset and get back to a healthy place as a blogger?” Good question.

The answer is that it’s totally a me thing. I log into WordPress, and I see the oh-so-familiar dashboard design, and my brain immediately goes to a place of stress. Honestly, I can’t look at my WordPress blog today without feeling like I have to make it what it was a year and a half ago. And the truth is, that doesn’t feel right either right now.

Those of you who know me will say, “Well, you definitely aren’t going to stop outputting creative stuff. What are you going to do instead of WordPress?”

For now at least, I’ll be on Tumblr.

Yes, I know that WordPress and Tumblr offer pretty much exactly the same functionality. The big difference is that Tumblr looks fresh and different to me, and that’s what I need right now.

So that’s that. This might not be the end for joerob.com and my WordPress experience, but it might be. I guess my vanity would love for some of you to be sad that I’m shutting this blog down for now, but I know that most people probably won’t care. That’s okay. I’m looking forward to whatever comes next, and recapturing the creative spirit I used to blog with. Hopefully it won’t be too elusive…



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