(2 + 0 – 1) x 3 Resolutions for 2013

1) “Check-in” less. Post more interesting photos. – If you follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter, you’re probably annoyed by my frequent Foursquare/Facebook check-ins. At least I know I was annoyed the last time I looked at my own Facebook wall. So I’m going to post those Foursquare check-ins to Facebook and Twitter less. I’m still going to check in on Foursquare, because you sometimes get sweet deals for doing so. But I won’t post them to Facebook anymore unless it’s something new and/or interesting. Instead I’m going to try to do more interesting things in real life, and then post pictures of those things instead.

2) Take wall anchors seriously. – I’m the king of saying, “Oh, we can mount that on the wall, no problem. Just throw a couple of wall anchors in and screw it in.” Then when it comes time to actually hang the object, the process of finding and securing the proper size and type of wall anchor confounds me. It usually leaves me looking unorganized and kind of foolish. This year, I’m not just going to talk about wall anchors willy nilly…

3) Be creative more. – Thankfully, mercifully, I’m in a job that gives me avenues to explore and utilize my creativity. I think this coming year will only provide more opportunities to do that, and I want to take advantage of them.

What are you doing this year?


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