Random Randomness – Holiday Edition

It’s been a crazy few days of this holiday season. Here are some thoughts.

  • Something about the Sunday after Thanksgiving is weird. At church, it was as close to a full house as we normally get, but somehow it lacked energy. It’s like everyone was still recovering from their trytophan comas.
  • Michelle and I went Christmas tree shopping last night. I never had real trees growing up, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this tradition for the last couple of years. There just seems to be something very American about it. Almost Norman Rockwell, even…
  • The tree we got looks good, but is deceptively evil. Same stand, same size tree, same place in the living room, very different results. We just can’t get the thing stable in the stand. Which leads me to…
  • We have the makings of an epic struggle for dominance going on in our house right now. The current score is: Kitten – 2, Christmas Tree – 0. More on this in later posts, too.
  • To help clean up the mess from setting up the tree, I went to Wal-Mart last night to buy a new vacuum cleaner. I felt like every woman in the place was scowling at me, thinking that I was buying it as a Christmas gift for my wife. I felt like I needed to apologize for myself and explain that it wasn’t really a gift for her. Men, if your vacuum cleaner is going out, do yourself a favor and buy a new one before Thanksgiving, holiday sales aside.



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